About Real Change

The Basingstoke and Deane Social Inclusion Partnership was formed in 2015 to develop a community-led response to homelessness through a partnership approach.

The partnership brings together housing, homelessness and emergency services, community organisations, faith-based voluntary groups, people with lived experience and local businesses who are all committed to reducing homelessness and advancing social inclusion in the borough.

So far achievements through this approach have included:

  • A reduction in rough sleeping by 81% from 2016/17 to 2019/20
  • A new winter night shelter year providing essential shelter and help for the most vulnerable during the winter months
  • Enlighted involvement and input from experts by experience with ‘lived’ understanding of homelessness.
  • Raised community awareness and engagement in relation to homelessness, mental health and rough sleeping – including from local schools and businesses.
  • Fundraising of over £55,000 through the Real Change not Loose Change campaign – leading to increased opening hours for the Camrose Centre, funding for the night shelter for three years and new storage lockers for rough sleepers.
  • Funded new lockers for rough sleepers to store their bedding, these are currently in the process of being installed and are monitored by the Julian House Outreach Team.
  • Funded new showers at The Camrose Centre, which rough sleepers are able to access when the day centre is open.
  • The creation of a new, local Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) partnership coalition which has secured national endorsement and recognition together with whole system redesigns and changes.
  • Using the MEAM partnership approach, delivering a high-performing specialist outreach service offer to rough sleepers and most vulnerable with chaotic lifestyles.
  • Progressing pioneering approaches to redesigning homelessness support and prevention services through working with Southampton University’s department of clinical psychology.
  • Completion of a comprehensive Street Audit.
  • Improvements and changes between services and agencies, leading to innovative outcomes being secured for some individuals with highly complex and challenging needs.
  • Improved information sharing and intelligence gathering in order to achieve psychologically informed and enhanced outcomes for service users.