Fundraising projects

Over £55,000 has been raised for homelessness charities and initiatives in the borough, thousands of volunteer hours given and countless donations of clothes, food and toiletries collected. This support has enabled the night shelter to open for three years, Camrose Centre to open for a third day and provide a wet room and lockers to be provided for rough sleepers to keep their bedding safe and dry. Working together we are all making a difference, thank you for supporting real change.

Real Change 2018

Over £15,196 was raised for the Night Light Winter Night Shelter through the Real Change campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of local people, groups and organisations the winter night shelter will be able to run again in 2019. In December 2018, the night shelter opened its doors seven days a week for 12 weeks providing overnight accommodation, meals and support to 315 people during the coldest months of the year.  The night shelter would not be possible without the support of many volunteers, donations of essential items including clothing, food and bedding and donations of money.

Three homelessness charities funded through Real Change 2017

Over £15,565 was raised for three homelessness charities and initiatives thanks to the 2017 Real Change not Loose Change campaign.

An incredible 42 guests staying at the winter night shelter, which opened seven days a week in 2017, moved on to accommodation thanks to money raised for the night shelter. The Camrose Day Centre has continue to open for a third day every week to provide homeless people with a welcoming space to enjoy a meal, get advice and have a shower and a shave. And Julian House Can now provide storage for people who are sleeping on Basingstoke’s streets to help keep bedding safe and dry.

Camrose Day Centre – Real Change 2016

Thanks to thousands of pounds raised through donations to the Real Change not Loose Change crowdfunding site, a new wet room has opened at the Camrose Centre, based at Glebe Hall, St Michael’s Church in the town centre.

The clean, modern shower suite offers a safe place for homeless people to wash, have a shave and feel good, with wash kits and fresh towels supplied by the centre.

Funds and support given to Night Light winter night shelter

With just under £14,000 of donations raised through Real Change not Loose Change, the Night Light winter night shelter gave 45 people sleeping on the streets a hot meal, a warm bed for the night and an opportunity to seek support and engage with local agencies five days a week in town centre churches. Over 200 volunteers gave their time each night to welcome their guests into the night shelter, cook food, set up beds, provide support and more.

And this time did make a difference with 32 people, who might otherwise have found themselves sleeping on the streets, taking steps to secure accommodation following regular visits to the night shelter.